The #mehartweets Saga

A controversy pulled out of a video made by one of the ‘martyr’s daughter’ of this nation. Starting with a video, the rant escalated as few people found the logic skewed in it, and then other people went on to show that they were bringing her down. And matters soon went out of hand, from nationalism to sexism. It is hard to predict where a person’s move goes wrong, and what it leads them to.

This matter, which has now raked up all the confusion, started with a video by Gurmehar Kaur, Daughter of Captain Mandeep Singh who sacrificed his life in the Kargil War in 1999, when she was just 2 years old. Her video, which was made as one of the projects of #ProfileForPeace, describes how she, as a kid, hated Pakistanis, but later came to accept the fact that, “Pakistan did not kill my father, War did” and that she along with all the other “regular people of both the nations” want peace.

Her position is very well understood, the anguish that she and her family members had to go through due to the death of her father, can only be imagined by those who have went through the same.  The deep sense of loss that Gurmehar grew up with, may have shaped her opinion on war and peace. Even in logical disagreement with some of her views, one must have the highest respect possible for her personal loss.

The issue in her statement “Pakistan did not kill my father, War did” was however rightly noticed by Viru who with his witty sense of humor, brought out the fallacy, and tweeted with a picture of himself holding a placard that read, “I didn’t score two triple centuries, my bat did!” following it with the caption ”Bat me hai Dum”. To which Randeep Hooda responded with laughs.

There was immediate backlash from various people, who went on to tweet things like: “Your heroes on & off screen aren’t immune to trolling a 20 year old woman who knows her mind 💔”.

And, a tweet from Krishan Partap Singh read, “Oye, hero, politics is a bit complicated, so don’t tax your muscled brain too much, just save your energy on making more B-grade cinema.”

Which was when Rana Ayubb entered the scene, and tweeted, “haryana ke hain na. Doing his bit for emancipation of women”, “Both Randeep Hooda and Virender Sehwag belong to Haryana. Sorry to say sir’s, with those tweets about a ‘poor’ girl, you are doing so much!”

To which Hooda replied, “Pls don’t credit me with so much.Your peace video was good bt now it’s political not humanitarian.That’s the problem2 begin wth”.

To which Barkha Dutt responded with, “So when a girl speaks she is being “used”? How patronizing (&sexist) to assume @mehartweets doesn’t have a mind of her own. But that you do?”

The controversy took a new tangent of sexism with Shekhar Gupta and Barkha Dutt both thinking that Randeep and Sehwag’s opinions come up from them thinking that Gurmehar Kaur does not have a mind of her own. The issue got so far stretched by them that it is hard to understand where that even came from. Sehwags and Hooda’s intentions did in no way to demean her. So to see, it indeed cannot be ignored, that though her video was stemming from years long emotions, it lacked logic in a few statements. Read Randeep Hooda’s last post regarding this on his Facebook page, which is where he ended commenting any further on this.

Being a citizen of a democratic country, everybody has the right to express their opinion. Just as she has the right to say what she feels, everybody else has the right to share their opinion in this respect. But one should also know the facts right, before making a statement which could resonate so loud.

That being said, the basic norms of an argument must be followed at all times. To threaten her with rape and murder threats is outright heinous and there should be action taken action taken against such people. The cause that she made this video for is commendable nonetheless.

She ended the farce with her final tweet on the subject: “To anyone questioning my courage and bravery. I’ve shown more than enough. I have been through a lot and this is all my 20 year self could take :)”. This altogether became so bothersome for her, that she had to leave her home.

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