Top innovative products in India that are must haves


India is a booming industry of invention and ideas, small businesses and major companies alike are sprouting with innovative ideas and products. Some of the most ground breaking products are listed below

Cpcn 12 Color-changing LED Candles With Remote Control

Made of real wax, with a naturally melted top, with no flames, drips or mess, therefore it won’t burn your house down so it’s safe to leave it around pets and children. Best for color-coordinated décor a party, wedding, or a fancy dinner.

Dynasty Kloneworld

They reinvented the cloning industry in India with their innovative, personalized and customized 3D clones of you and your loved ones on auspicious occasions. They are an amazing gifting choice for the newlyweds.


Children’s Y Phone Educational English Learning Kids Toy Mobile Phone

Yphone learning toy phone looks same as an iPhone , peaks your child’s curiosity to learn through touch, sight and sound. It has 8 different modes and plenty of sound effects.


9Me provides you a unique way to preserve precious memories for a lifetime, rather than photographs or videos a miniature 3D clone of you experiencing the happiness of motherhood is a different thing altogether. They 3D scan you with perfect precision in accordance to size and color then after 14 days they deliver your 9Me to your doorstep.

Star & Read

Star & Read is an innovative way to make your kids fall in love with reading. They make personalized and customized books starring your kids and even in your own story making reading a fun activity than ever before.

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