“Not in my name” Hate Crimes on an all time high

 “Not In My Name”: Indians protesting against the wave of attacks on Muslims by “cow vigilantes”

Have we grown so intolerant of each other that we can’t look past our views and keep an open mind?


Thousands across the country and all over social media have broken out in protest of the mob attacks on Muslims accused of killing cows or eating beef by the cow vigilantes.

The accused mob of vigilantes are some right-wing Hindu groups, some even linked to the Prime Ministers’ ruling party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), even though Prime Minister Modi has denied the accusations and publicly called out and criticized the cow vigilantes.

Last Friday around the outskirts of New Delhi a fight over mere train seats lead to hurling of religious and racial slurs and tragically the death of the innocent 16 year old Junaid.

Issues of identity, religious views and ideology are pushing the fate of our country to the very edge. And what’s with this maddening mob behavior? Have we lost the ability to think for ourselves instead of jumping to conclusions of the majority? Have our religious and social views clouded our very humanity?

India condemns the mob behavior by silently protesting against the hate crimes.

Media deters the reality of society

Are we somehow blindsided by what is put across by the media?

The mob behavior, hatred and hateful ideology are being propagated by the media, resulting in further spreading of hate and anti-communal behavior.

Communal hatred has been on a rise and the media has been nitpicking incidents very carefully. Most of the time, the victim is of a lower caste or belonging to a different religion all together. Media houses have been picky about stories, and it’s not about putting forth the truth anymore, it’s about printing something which will cause a stir.

Why strike a label of Dalit or Muslim on the victim, why not just condemn the horrible and beastly mob behavior instead.

Mob lynching is either a testimony of our government’s failure in providing justice on time or citizens going rouge in the name of justice and further failing the system.

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